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B1 Tough Sounds


Product Description

There are a certain number of sounds in the Chinese language that are new to speakers of English (namely, "x," "q," "j," "r," "z," "ü"), and they pose a big challenge in the beginning. Even if you're already at the intermediate (B1) level, though, those sounds are still going to pose a problem in certain combinations ("chūqù" anyone?) Your pronunciation will likely benefit a lot from some practice and refinement. The word combinations and phrases in this pronunciation pack, composed of high-frequency vocabulary and useful language, will challenge you and improve your spoken Chinese. All audio is recorded by a real human (no robot voices!). MP3 and PDF files mean that you can copy this Pronunication Pack to any device and practice like you know you need to.

What you get when you buy this product:

  • 14 MP3 audio files with studio-recorded, native speaker audio
  • 14 PDF files with simplified Chinese, pinyin, and English translations
  • A PDF guide on how to use the product, self-study or with a teacher
  • A license which makes it legal and easy to use the product on any device you own (no restrictive DRM!)

Product Information

Product TypeDigital
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